Howard Rachofsky – TWO x TWO

18 October 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, prominent contemporary art collector, Howard Rachofsky, joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the health of the contemporary art market. First, Howard breaks down the strength of the current market by both price level and artist type. Then, he shares his philosophy on building an art collection and specifically why owning only masterpieces doesn’t constitute a true collection. Also, Howard discusses the extent in which present economic conditions are impacting collectors’ buying activities. Lastly, Howard talks about his annual charitable gala and art auction, TWO x TWO.


ArtTactic visits Frieze Art Fair

16 October 2012

In this video episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we visit the Frieze Art Fair and explore both the inaugural Frieze Masters as well as Frieze Art Fair. While US and European based galleries represented 40% of the exhibitors present at Frieze Art Fair this year, galleries from emerging art markets continued to have an increasingly significant presence at the fair.  We spoke with the directors of three galleries focused on contemporary art from emerging contemporary art markets to get their perspectives on how their respective markets are performing: Russia with Mike Ovcharenko of Regina Gallery, United Arab Emirates with Laila Binbrek of The Third Line and India with Mortimer Chatterjee of Chatterjee & Lal Gallery.


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Kate Cary Evans – Art Radar Asia

11 October 2012

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Kate Cary Evans, Founder and Executive Editor of Art Radar Asia, joins us with an update on the Chinese contemporary art market in Hong Kong. First, Kate recaps a lackluster Chinese contemporary auction that was held this past weekend in Hong Kong and argues why the Chinese contemporary market is currently experiencing a softening in the market. Then, she discusses the evolution of the gallery scene in Hong Kong and speculates on the right model required for a non-Asian gallery to find success in Hong Kong. Lastly, Kate shares how the Hong Kong art market reacted to news that China’s Guardian and Poly Auctions will have a presence in Hong Kong.


Chris Allen & Filippo Guerrini-Maraldi – R K Harrison

9 October 2012

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Allen, Executive Director of Professional Risks, and Filippo Guerrini-Maraldi, Executive Director of the Fine Art Team, both from RK Harrison. First, they discuss their brand new professional indemnity insurance policy for art dealers as well as some of the different costs it could potentially cover for an art dealer. Then, Chris and Filippo detail how the product works step-by-step, if a dealer is sued.  Lastly, they talk about why the art world has become such a litigious environment and consequently why they have developed this unique insurance product.


Serge Tiroche – Art Vantage

5 October 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Serge Tiroche, co-founder of Art Vantage, returns to the podcast to tell us about his new art fund. Unlike most art funds, Serge tells us how Art Vantage transformed from an art collection he acquired into an art investment fund. He also explains why it is important, in an ordinarily non-transparent industry, to display the entire collection on the fund’s website. Serge discusses the advantages of purchasing contemporary art from emerging art markets instead of traditional marketplaces. Lastly, he shares his thoughts on the state of the art market and if he has any concerns about the economy impacting it in a negative fashion.


Sophie Macpherson – Sophie Macpherson Ltd

26 September 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Sophie Macpherson, founder of Sophie Macpherson Ltd, the leading recruitment agency for jobs in the global art market. First, while the art market has recovered substantially since the downturn in 2008 and 2009, Sophie addresses if the art jobs market has rebounded in similar fashion. Then, she offers a plethora of advice to prospective new comers who are interested in pursuing a career in the art world. Lastly, Sophie identifies recent developments in the art world that have led to the creation of new job opportunities.


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Boris Pevzner – Collectrium

13 September 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Boris Pevzner, founder of Collectrium, the #1 Cloud-Based Art Inventory Management Platform in the art world, joins us to talk about his company. First, Boris talks about his inventory management platform and how galleries, collectors and fairs uniquely utilize his services. Then, he addresses why cloud-based systems are so advantageous, especially within the art world. Also, given his knowledge of art and technology, Boris breaks down the online art marketplace and where in the art market he believes certain companies can find success.


Ezra Konvitz – ArtStack

5 September 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ezra Konvitz, co-founder of ArtStack, a site which allows users to discover and share art amongst each other, joins us to talk about his new social platform. First, Ezra explains in detail how users can go about sharing their favorite artworks as well as following different users on the site to discover new artworks or artists. Then, Ezra shares his thoughts on why, previous to ArtStack, the art world lacked the presence of an online social network. He also addresses the diverse community of members on the site and how having users from all different aspects of the art world has enhanced the overall community.  Presently, ArtStack is an invitation-only site, however ArtTactic Podcast listeners can sign up for ArtStack by clicking here:


Spencer Hyman – Artfinder

5 August 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Spencer Hyman, founder and CEO of Artfinder, the world’s largest online art catalogue. First, Spencer familiarizes us with Artfinder and details the different services his online company provides its users. Having worked at Amazon and, Spencer has been a part of two different transformations that changed how books and music were consumed online. Given these experiences, we asked him what is it about the art world that makes him feel a similar online metamorphisis is possible. Also, Spencer shares his thoughts on why online art sales haven’t taken off thus far and if there is potential for it too going forward.


Paul Aitken – Borro

23 July 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Paul Aitken, founder and CEO of Borro, a new lending company who provides short-term personal asset loans against luxury goods such as fine art. First, Paul elaborates on the potential for growth within the art finanicng industry and explains how different entities within the art world are borrowing against their art. Then, he discusses how Borro has differentiated itself from other art lenders by creating a niche for themselves by offering loans even at the lower end of the market. Lastly, Paul details to what extent current economic conditions are influencing his valuations for different luxury goods.