We believe that education and information are the two most important building blocks in creating a well-informed and transparent art marketplace. Since 2001, we have delivered seminars and conferences on a wide range of art market related themes and subjects.

We offer our participants access to an extensive global network of industry professionals and leaders, and we put equal emphasis on the importance of building relationships as well as the content itself.

Our programmes are aimed at art professionals, collectors, institutions, art businesses, start-ups, private banks, and art investment professionals, who are seeking in-depth access to key market operators, and hands-on guidance and navigation of the inner workings of specific art market sectors or regions.

Bespoke Education

We can tailor our art market education programmes to fit any specific needs or objectives. This could range from a one-off lecture to a series of seminars. ArtTactic offer one-to-one tutorials for busy executives or individuals who require a more flexible learning environment, and we can create bespoke art market education and content.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Upcoming seminars