Bespoke Services

ArtTactic offer a wide range of ‘white glove’ research services specially designed for art collectors, art professionals and art related businesses. ranging from galleries, dealers, auction houses, online art businesses, museums, art advisors, art lawyers, insurance, logistics to art & finance related services. We work closely with our clients to tailor any research project to their specific needs.

A key benefit of working with an independent company like ArtTactic is the objectivity that our research and market intelligence can provide when you need to make a decision, whether its buying or selling art, launching a new product or service, or looking to invest in a start-up or existing art business.

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Artist Reports

We create bespoke reports on some of the most notable individual artists in the global art market. Using a combination of different sources of intelligence data – ranging from auction data, primary market data and artist confidence data, to information about the wider context in which the artist operates – to create a comprehensive analysis on the artists and their markets. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge about the market, we tailor-make in-depth reports that allow one to track market performance and identify market patterns and trends.

Art Sector Research

We can provide tailor-made reports on different art sectors (i.e. Photography, 20th Century Design, Old Master drawings) and geographical markets (i.e. India, Africa, Scandinavia). We use a combination of different sources of intelligence data, ranging from auction data, primary market data, artist confidence data and expert survey data to provide a holistic view of the chosen art market sector.

Art Industry Research

Our bespoke, commissioned reports can provide clients comprehensive market intelligence, covering original consumer data and analysis on topics ranging from the overall art industry, specific growth and emerging markets, technology and art to art & finance services. This research can cover topics relevant to your needs, whether it is highlighting current trends, measuring changing motivations and perceptions or identifying challenges and opportunities. Our unique combination of qualitative opinion and quantitative research, international and local reach, in-house experience and on-ground network leads to insightful analysis which translates into reports that help you make informed decisions in your area of work. View our Art Industry Research

Feasibility Research

Are you looking to discretely test a business idea or are looking to launch a new product or service, but unsure of what the art market might think? We can use our in-depth sector knowledge together with our access to art experts and key opinion formers to help you in this process. Our services ranges from targeted focus groups and expert interviews to larger surveys.

Search and Selection

The art market is a complex eco-system that involves a significant amount of reputational risk. It is crucial to understand the position and reputation of the individuals and businesses that operate within this market place. We offer independent guidance and advice when it comes to finding and selecting individuals or art businesses with the necessary skills, experience and reputation. Our advice extends to the selection of galleries, dealers, auction houses, online art platforms, art advisors, art lawyers, insurance, framers, conservators and restorers, art logistics, art funds and art secured lending providers.