Puneet Shah – Akara Art

Puneet Shah

Puneet Shah – Akara Art

18 January 2017
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Puneet Shah.

Puneet Shah is founder of Akara Art. Firstly, Akara Art is a Mumbai gallery.  the gallery is home to Indian modern and contemporary artists. Puneet joins us to talk about the state of the Indian art market. Furthermore, Puneet reflects on recently launching an art gallery in India. Notably, he identifies some of the positive and challenging trends facing the Indian art market as we enter 2017. Finally, Puneet describes the aesthetics of the art made by notable contemporary Indian artists.

Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari – Kochi-Muziris Biennale

5 December 2016
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Bose Krishnamachari, director of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Bose Krishnamachari is director of Kochi-Muziri, the Indian based contemporary art biennale.  Bose joins us ahead of their biennale starting on December 12th. First, Bose tells us about the history of the biennale. He also tells us what distinguishes it from other ones in the art world. Then, he reveals how it has influenced the Indian and South Asian art scene as well as its perception abroad. Also, Bose discusses the current state of the South Asian contemporary art market and where he sees it headed in the future.

Dr Alireza Sami Azar

Dr Alireza Sami Azar – Tehran Auction

7 July 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Dr Alireza Sami Azar.

Dr Alireza Sami Azar is a former head of Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art and head of Tehran Auction (launched 2012).  It is a private initiative to introduce Iranian art to art collectors and a global audience.

First, Alireza talks about the establishment of Tehran Auction. He explains how it has helped develop a domestic art market in Iran. Then, Alireza speculates to what extent the lifting of sanctions on Iran will lead to more international buyers for Iranian art.  Also, he describes the art schools, gallery structure and museums in Tehran. He illuminates for us how similar or different they are than those in the US and Europe. Lastly, Alireza identifies some of the most prominent and emerging Iranian artists featured most prominently at Tehran Auction.

Brenda Valansi

Brenda Valansi – ArtRio

5 May 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Brenda Valansi.  

Brenda Valansi is CEO of ArtRio, Brazil’s leading art fair. She updates us on the Brazilian art scene. First, given the current political conflict as well as the recession in Brazil, Brenda shares with us to what extent these events have impacted the Brazilian art market. Then, Brenda tells us how her personal mission of attempting to reduce Brazil’s hefty art import tax is progressing. Also, she speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of having several blue-chip foreign galleries exhibit at ArtRio. Lastly, Brenda reveals how the Brazilian art scene has transformed over the past six years.  She identifies challenges that need to be overcome in order for the Brazilian art scene to continue to mature.

Meg Maggio

Meg Maggio – Pekin Fine Art

9 February 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Meg Maggio joins us. 

Meg Maggio, director of Pekin Fine Arts (a Beijing and Hong Kong based contemporary art gallery) addresses several points.  This includes, to what extent the recently volatile Chinese stock market and economy has impacted the Chinese contemporary art market. She explains how a healthier environment exists in China for young artists at this moment.  Unlike the wave of speculation for young artists that has occurred in the US and European art market.  Also, with galleries in Hong Kong and Beijing, Meg shares with us some of the notable differences between operating an art gallery in these two locations. Further, Meg assesses the level of success experienced by US and European art galleries who opened locations in China over the past few years. Lastly, she identifies some of the exciting visual art trends in the Chinese contemporary art world.

Daniel Khazeni-Rad – Financial Tribune

20 September 2015

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we chat with Daniel Khazeni-Rad, editor at the Financial Tribune and Associate at Aun Iranian Art Foundation. First, Daniel tells us about the contemporary art infrastructure in Iran and how it compares to more established art worlds such as in the US and Europe. Then, he explains how multiple sanctions on Iran have impacted the local art scene and speculates how it will respond to these sanctions being removed. Lastly, Daniel discusses to what extent the government is involved in the promotion of contemporary art throughout the country.

Agnes Monplaisir – Galerie Agnes Monplaisir

1 July 2015

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Agnes Monplaisir, founder of Galerie Agnes Monplaisir, chats with us about the Latin American art market.  While a lot of attention has recently been focused on China and the Middle East in terms of emerging art markets, Agnes tells us how the Brazilian art market has developed in the past few years.  Then, she discusses the high import taxes in Brazil and to what extent it has served as a hindrance on further growth in the country.  Lastly, Agnes explains how she thinks Brazil’s art market will continue to mature over the next five year.

QiQi Jiang – EpaiLive

10 June 2015

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, QiQi Jiang, CEO of EpaiLive, Asia’s leading online auction platform for antiques and art. First, QiQi tells us about the motivation behind launching her online company and provides us with some figures regarding how many users utilize it. Then, she discusses the progress of the overall online art market in China and to what extent companies have found success in this area within China thus far. Lastly, given the recent headlines regarding Chinese buyers participating for western artworks at auction, QiQi describes to what extent Chinese collectors are interested in western art, not only at the top of the art market but at all price levels.

Neha Kirpal – India Art Fair

21 January 2015

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast we’re here with Neha Kirpal, founder and director of the India Art Fair, ahead of this year’s fair, occurring Jan 29th – Feb 1st. First, Neha previews this upcoming fair by telling us about the quality of art we can expect to see on display as well as the evolving Indian collector base who will be visiting and buying at the fair. Then, she discusses how the past art market downturn actually benefited the Indian art market as it weeded out highly speculative investors from the marketplace. Lastly, Neha talks about the developing art market infrastructure in India and identifies some areas that could be improved in order for living Indian artists to feel even more supported locally.

Sandra Nedvetskaia – Cosmoscow

25 September 2014

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Sandra Nedvetskaia, director of Cosmscow, the leading contemporary Russian art fair. First, after its first edition of the fair in 2010, Sandra explains why the fair returned this year after a four year hiatus. While in US and Europe, the latest trend in mainstream art fairs is for several artworks to be sold to collectors even before the fairs commence, Sandra explains why collectors took their time at Cosmoscow before making purchases. Lastly, she touches on the motivation for including in the fair a unique section which exhibited artworks owned by prominent Russian collectors as well as how it influenced younger, emerging Russian collectors in attendance at the fair.