India: Art and Philanthropy Report 2019

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ArtTactic is delighted to launch the first edition of the India: Art and Philanthropy 2019 in partnership W/R/B Underwriting.

About this report:

The India: Art and Philanthropy 2019 report follows up on trends identified in previous editions of the ArtTactic South Asian Art Market Reports in 2017 and 2018. We felt that the topic around philanthropy in the arts was worth exploring as a standalone topic this year.

With India becoming the world’s fastest growing producer of wealth in 2017, it also has the potential to become a leader in Art & Philanthropy. It is our hope that the trends and initiatives highlighted in this report will spark a debate, expose the gaps that still need to be filled and inspire emerging philanthropists in India to continue to develop new models and initiatives around philanthropy in the arts.


Report Content:
A Brief History: Art & Philanthropy in India
Trends: Wealth & Philanthropy in India
Trends: Art & Philanthropy in India
Top Female Art Philanthropists
Private Art Philanthropy
Corporate Art Philanthropy
Public Space models
New Models: Art Patronage & Philanthropy

The face of philanthropy in India is changing.