LAW_Special_Report_2023 (Cover – Framed)

Old Master, Impressionist and Modern Women Artists Report – Summer 2023

  • Analyst: Eilidh McClafferty
  • Pages: 18
  • Access: Analyst Pro

The London Art Week special report is presented by ArtTactic each summer to coincide with their public programme. Following on from the success of our Post-War and Contemporary Women Artists Report in October 2022, this report looks at those artists who paved the way for the women artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Drawing upon data analysis from 2018 to 2023, this report uncovers the shifting landscape of the market for women artists from the Old Master, Impressionist and Modern generations. It examines the trajectory of these artists’ reception and appreciation over time, shedding light on the challenges they faced and the triumphs they achieved. By exploring market trends and assessing the value of their artworks, this report provides valuable insights into the evolving demand and recognition for these remarkable artists. 

About this report:

As an official partner of London Art Week, ArtTactic is delighted to present this special edition report providing both in-depth auction analysis of Old Master, Impressionist and Modern women artists, as well as insights into the dealer market for this group of artist, with first-hand interviews with members of the trade.

Report Contents:
The Market for Old Master, Impressionist and Modern Women Artists
Artists in Focus: Georgia O’Keeffe, Mary Cassatt, Artemisia Gentileschi
London Art Week Shines a Spotlight on Women Artists