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Women Artists Report – October 2022

  • Analyst: Lindsay Dewar
  • Pages: 32
  • Access: Analyst Pro

Women artists set new records in 2021 and are on track for another bumper results this year

We are delighted to launch our inaugural report on women artists in the Post-War and Contemporary auction market. As much as the report sheds light on frequently reported gender inequalities in the auction market, our findings also highlight encouraging signs that the market is changing. Over the last two years, we have seen more women artists represented in global auctions, which has resulted in higher auction sales and more women artists featuring in the Top 100 artists. This year, Ultra-Contemporary women artists under the age of 30, accounted for more than two-thirds of auction sales for this age category, which could signal that change is also generational. 

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Artist Generation Analysis
Location and Auction House Analysis 
Auction Guarantee Analysis 
Top Artists Profiles: Yayoi Kusama, Cecily Brown, Shara Hughes, Anna Weyant
Top 75 Women Artist Ranking