Art Market Podcasts

Interviews with leaders and innovators in the global art industry

Jonathan Lee – Rose Art Museum

11 June 2009

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast were joined by Jonathan Lee, chair of The Rose Art Museum Board of Directors at Brandeis University. Jonathan talks in detail about several issues pertaining to Brandeis Universitys controversial decision to close the Rose Art Museum. Jonathan first shares the board’s initial reaction to the announcement of the closing of the museum from both a legal and ethical perspective. He also explains why he wouldn’t be okay with Brandeis University selling part of the museum collection even if the academic standards of the university are at stake. Lastly, Jonathan speaks about the proposed transformation of the Rose Art Museum space into a teaching center and what it would be like without the now former Director Michael Rush.

Angus Murray – Castlestone Management

2 June 2009

In this exclusive interview on the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Angus Murray, founder and managing principal of Castlestone Management. Murray goes into detail about his newly launched art investment fund, Collection of Modern Art. He begins by elaborating on his beliefs in art as a legitimate real asset as well as comparing its performance to other asset classes. Angus then shares with us the overall investment philosophy of the fund including what kind of artists they will invest in and the structure of the fund.

Michael Moses – Mei Moses Art Index

27 May 2009

In part 2 of our podcast with Michael Moses, the professor thoroughly discusses asset allocation and how art has performed on a historical basis in comparison to more traditional securities. Moses also provides his opinion on art investment funds and when it would make sense for an individual to invest in one. Lastly, he addresses the idea of betting on the Mei Moses Index and what it could mean for collectors as well as auction houses in the future.

Larry Warsh – AW Asia

22 May 2009

In this podcast Larry Warsh, founder of AW Asia, a private organization in New York City that promotes contemporary Chinese art, discusses the phenomenal development of the contemporary Chinese art market over the past decade. Larry also previews the upcoming Christie’s Asian Contemporary Art sale in Hong Kong. Warsh shares his insights on the progression and long-term future of the contemporary Chinese art market as well as his views on the new Chinese collector base.

Michael Moses – Mei Moses Art Index

20 May 2009

In the first part of our podcast with Professor Michael Moses, co-founder of the Mei Moses Art Index and Beautiful Asset Advisors, Michael discusses the recent performance of the Mei Moses Art Index and provides some perspective by comparing it to past art market downturns. Also, he shares his thoughts on the excessive guarantees previously offered by auction houses as well as why despite new wealth in the art market, the downturn still transpired to the degree that it did.

Indian Art Market Confidence Survey – May 2009 Video Preview

13 May 2009

In this preview of ArtTactic’s May 2009 Indian Art Market Confidence Survey Report we are joined by founder and managing director of ArtTactic Anders Petterson who discusses some of the key findings in this editions report Also Anders introduces us to ArtTactic’s Survival Rating methodology which for the first time is applied to the Indian art market.

Richard Polsky – I Bought Andy Warhol

6 May 2009

In part 1 of our interview with art dealer and author Richard Polsky, he examines the major events that led to the significant decline in the art market. He also addresses the importance of the upcoming May auctions in New York as well the reasons behind the makeup of these sales. Lastly, Richard details the necessary steps that must transpire in the near future in order for the recovery process to begin.

Richard Polsky – I Bought Andy Warhol

13 March 2009

In Part 2 of our interview with art dealer and author Richard Polsky, we ask Richard his opinion on the staying power of prominent artist Richard Prince, Banksy, Cecily Brown and Elizabeth Peyton. Then, Richard discusses the contents of his first book, I Bought Andy Warhol, as well as his upcoming sequel, I Sold Andy Warhol Too Soon. Included in the discussion, Richard shares an anecdote about a food fight he witnessed at an event in a Los Angeles based art gallery.