José Da Silva – The Art Newspaper

José Da Silva – The Art Newspaper

26 March 2024

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we breakdown The Art Newspaper’s annual survey of museums with José da Silva, exhibitions editor at The Art Newspaper. First, José shares his methodology for gathering attendance data from museums around the world. Then, he reminds us how difficult COVID was for museums and how much attendance suffered during that time. Next, he identifies some of the major takeaways from this year’s annual survey. After, he reveals if blockbuster exhibitions are still a high priority for museums. Lastly, he tells us what geographical trends he observed in this year’s data.

Leslie Ramos – Philanthropy in the Arts: A Game of Give and Take

14 February 2024

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we’re joined by Leslie Ramos, author of the new book Philanthropy in the Arts: A Game of Give and Take. First, Leslie explains why museums are in the midst of a financial crisis and how they arrived at this point. Then, she reveals to what extent the COVID pandemic exacerbated museums’ financial standings. After, Leslie shares why major gifts are being heavily scrutinized recently and speculates if this trend will continue. She then touches on the looming intergenerational change in wealth and how museums can prepare for this from a philanthropy perspective. Lastly, Leslie shares advice both for museums and individuals regarding philanthropy in the arts.

Julia Halperin – The Art Newspaper

15 January 2024

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we speak with Julia Halperin, freelance journalist, co-founder of the Burns Halperin Report and columnist for the Art Newspaper. First, Julia discusses the increasing trend of museum curators moving into gallery positions. Then, she identifies some of the primary reasons why we are seeing this exodus. Also, Julia explains why art professionals in other roles within museums are also fleeing for commercial galleries. Lastly, she speculates what this trend may mean for the future of the museum space.


Suzanne Siano – Modern Art Conservation

27 July 2023

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we chat with Suzanne Siano, founder of Modern Art Conservation, a New York art conservation studio. First, Suzanne identifies some of the primary services she offers her clients. Then, she discusses how COVID-19 impacted the art conservation industry. Also, she explains how technological innovation is being implemented into conservation techniques. After, she offers advice to collectors regarding the most common mistakes collectors make that can lead to conservation issues. Lastly, she shares some tips for artists to ensure their artworks don’t produce conservation issues for their collectors down the road.


Rosie Allan – Sophie Macpherson Ltd

3 May 2023

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Rosie Allan, managing director of Sophie Macpherson Ltd, to recap their brand new SML Art Market Salary Report, focused on the job market in the art world. First, Rosie shares why they produced the report as well as some of its key findings. Then, she identifies some of the ways increased wage transparency may impact the art market. After, Rosie reveals how the job market is performing considering both the broader economic uncertainty as well as substantial gallery expansion over the past few years.

Natasha Degen – Fashion Institute of Technology

26 April 2023

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Natasha Degen, chair of art market studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology and author of the new book, Merchants of Style: Art and Fashion After Warhol. First, Natasha tells us about her new book and what prompted her to want to explore this topic in detail. Then, she shares with us the history of artists embracing fashion and the fashion industry. Also, Natasha identifies some of the most common types of artist collaborations with fashion brands. After, she reveals why luxury brands are so eager to align themselves with contemporary art. Additionally, Natasha explains why the Met Gala has become such an important event in the fashion world. Lastly, she speculates why so many luxury brand flagships are designed by architects who first made their name in the art world.

Nina Plowman and Charlotte Heath-Bullock – Cultural Comms

19 April 2023

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we chat with Nina Plowman and Charlotte Heath-Bullock, co-founders of Cultural Comms, an award winning PR firm based in London focused on the art world and other cultural sectors. First, we discuss what a PR firm does within the art world. And then, Nina and Charlotte explain how the art world is unique, from a PR perspective, compared to other more mainstream industries. Also, they identify trends in the PR space that are impacting how brands are communicating their messages to clients. After, Nina and Charlotte reveal some of the art world topics that are on their clients’ minds. And lastly, they discuss the Luxury Insights Report: Blockchain, NFTs and the Future of Collectibles that they published with ArtTactic.


Behind The Report: The Art Market 2022 – A Year In Review

2 January 2023

In this edition of Behind The Report, Adam Green previews our The Art Market 2022 – A Year In Review, in which we take a close look at the global auction market in 2022 and some of the key trends emerging across different fine art segments.

Mark Rappolt – ArtReview

26 December 2022

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Mark Rappolt, editor-in-chief of ArtReview, joins us to review their recently published Power 100 rankings, listing the year’s most influential people in the contemporary art world. First, Mark tells us about the history of the list and how it is compiled each year. Then, he explains why the artist collective ruangrupa tops the list in 2022. Also, Mark discusses some of the new entrants on the list as well as some unexpected names. Finally, Mark shares broader trends in the contemporary art world regarding what positions are gaining or losing influence.

Charlotte Burns & Julia Halperin – The Burns Halperin Report

19 December 2022

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Charlotte Burns and Julia Halperin, co-creators of The Burns Halperin Report, which explores representation in U.S. museums and the international art market. First, Charlotte and Julia share some of the major takeaways from their report, in particular the lack of progress regarding museum acquisitions for female and minority artists. Then, they reveal if their findings, which conflict with recent narratives in the art media, were surprising to them. Also, Charlotte and Julia explain how social movements, such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too, have influenced museums’ activities. After, they clarify if there are any positive findings in their report or if it is entirely pessimistic. Lastly, Charlotte and Julia identify certain museums who are indeed doing a relatively good job which acquiring artworks by female and minority artists.