Art World Series

Robert Diament – Counter Editions

13 April 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Robert Diament, director of Counter Editions, who produces prints and multiples by leading contemporary artists, including John Baldessari, Katherine Bernhardt, Cecily Brown, Peter Doig, Tracey Emin, Laura Owens, Christopher Wool, Jonas Wood and many others. First, Robert reveals that most artists create prints in order to make their art accessible to their admirers at an affordable price point. Given the increased demand for prints, Robert tells us if it has become more competitive for printmakers to persuade artists to make prints with them. Also, he touches on the emergence of flippers in the prints market and how Counter Editions tries to sell artworks to genuine collectors. Further, Robert takes us behind the curtain and explains how they collaborate with artists on deciding every aspect of a print, such as the subject matter, medium, size and edition size. Lastly, Robert shares why he thinks prints are a great way for new collectors to start building their collections.


Adam Popescu – The New York Times

21 March 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Adam Popescu, writer for The New York Times, joins us to discuss Damien Hirst’s exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles featuring his abstract, colorful paintings from his new series of work. First, Adam talks about the scene at the opening of the exhibition and tells us how much clout Hirst still possesses both inside and outside of the art world. Then, Adam tells us how important it is to Hirst and to art collectors that the artist personally painted the works in the exhibition, rather than his studio assistants, who have painted many of his older paintings. Also, he reveals what Hirst says is the message behind the new works, how the paintings are being received by the art world and if the show is viewed as a success for Hirst.


Frances Oglesby – Artive

2 March 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Frances Oglesby, global operations manager of Artive, joins us to discuss the non-profit organization that aims to provide a universal, digital and searchable archive for works of art and cultural property. First, Frances explains Artive’s mission, then she explains the two aspects of their database, those who submit artworks on the database, if they have been victims of crime, and those who search the database, as a due diligence exercise. Also, she reveals how they built a database containing over 150,000 artworks, discusses the importance of their image recognition technology and clarifies why they are registered as a non-profit.


Georgina Adam – Dark Side of the Boom: The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century

17 January 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Georgina Adam, contributor at the Financial Times and art market editor-at-large of The Art Newspaper, joins us to chat about some of the key topics in her brand new book, Dark Side of the Boom: The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century. First, Georgina identifies how prevalent certain shady aspects of the art market are, such as fakes, tax avoidance, money laundering, etc. Then, she discusses the secretive nature of freeports and what it was like to walk through Le Freeport in Luxembourg. Also, Georgina dissects the greatest example of speculation during the last boom, the Zombie Formalist movement, and where the artists, galleries and collectors are today. Lastly, Georgina reveals the most interesting legal dispute in the art market today and she tells us to what extent greater regulation should be introduced in the marketplace.


Mary Buschman – ARIS Title Insurance

9 January 2018

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Mary Buschman, president of ARIS Title Insurance, joins us to discuss the growing art title insurance space. First, Mary explains what art title insurance is and why it’s important to purchase it. Then, Mary walks us through what typically occurs if someone else claims to own the title of an artwork you own. Also, she tells us how art title insurance would have played a factor in some of the recent cases in which dealers deceived clients by selling an artwork to multiple people. Finally, Mary discusses how the globalization of the art market has increased art title risk and shares with us trends regarding the rate at which art title insurance is being purchased by collectors.


ArtReview – Mark Rappolt

29 November 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Mark Rappolt, editor-in-chief of ArtReview, joins us to review their annual Power 100 list, a guide to the 100 most powerful figures in contemporary art. First, Mark reveals Hito Steyerl, Pierre Huyghe and Donna Haraway as the top 3 on this year’s list and details why they are worthy of that ranking. Then, Mark identifies Gavin Brown as the gallery that surged the most in terms of influence over the past year. Also, he explains why artists have the most momentum at the moment in terms of increasing influence and he shares the extent to which Instagram is a factor in shaping the standing of certain individuals in the contemporary art world.


Don Thompson – The Orange Balloon Dog: Bubbles, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market

13 November 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Don Thompson, economist and professor of marketing and strategy at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, joins us to discuss his brand new book, The Orange Balloon Dog: Bubbles, Turmoil and Avarice in the Contemporary Art Market. First, Don discusses the significance of Jeff Koons’ Orange Balloon Dog, which appears in the title of his book, and why the sale of it exemplifies some of the key concepts in his book. Then, he discusses the idea of nudging, a behavioral science concept made famous by Richard Thaler, and how it manifests itself in the art market. Also, Don explains why he believes a bubble is brewing in the current contemporary art market. Lastly, Don speaks with us on the significance of the Leonardo da Vinci Salvator Mundi painting upcoming for auction this week in Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary sale.


Michael Findlay – Seeing Slowly: Looking at Modern Art

7 November 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Michael Findlay, director at Acquavella Galleries, joins us to discuss his brand new book Seeing Slowly: Looking at Modern Art. First, Michael tells us how he believes people should view art in order to get the best experience. Then, he explains why his advice is just as applicable to those in the art world as those outside of it. Also, Michael discusses how the proliferation of Instagram in the art world has positively and negatively impacted how people consume art. Lastly, Michael reveals how his thoughts on seeing art transfers to collectors who are considering buying an artwork for their collection.


Galerie Perrotin – Valentine Blondel

2 November 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Valentine Blondel, director at Galerie Perrotin. First, Valentine talks about the gallery’s move to the Lower East Side in Manhattan and why they were drawn to that area over other neighborhoods in New York City. Then, she discusses the gallery’s strategy for the Asian art market, which includes spaces in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. Also, Valentine addresses the gallery’s responsibility when artworks by their artists appear at auction and she offers advice for new collectors on how to build a successful collection.


Helena Real – .ART Registry

20 October 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Helena Real, head of the London office at the .ART Registry, joins us to discuss the new top-level domain created for the art world. First, Helena explains how they got access to the .art domain. Then, she argues why galleries, artists, auction houses, dealers and others in the art industry should switch from using a website ending in .com to .art. Also, Helena shares some metrics regarding how many and which influencers have adopted the .art domain.