Richard Polsky – Polsky’s Andy Warhol Authentication Service

30th October 2015
Richard Polsky
Polsky's Andy Warhol Authentication Service

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Richard Polsky, returns to the pocdast to talk with us about his new venture, Polsky’s Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service. First, Richard talks about the role the Warhol authentication committee played in the art world and the value it brought to collectors and the art market when it was in existence. Then, he speculates why no entities thus far have attempted to authenticate Warhol works and why he believes with his credentials and experiences with Warhol he’s the right person to establish a Warhol authentication business. Lastly, Richard shares his strategy as to how he can grow his business so his authenticity service is recognized and respected throughout the art world.