Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich – The Clarion List

Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich
Date10th April 2016
GuestJessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich
CompanyThe Clarion List
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich.

Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich are co-founders of The Clarion List.  The Clarion List is the leading online directory of art service providers with ratings and reviews.

First, Jessica and Gaia explain the concept behind their site and answer if it can be considered Yelp for the art world. Then, they discuss what experiences in their art world careers motivated them to launch this service. Also, they walk us through the features of the website.

They share how art service providers and galleries have reacted thus far to The Clarion List and reveal their strategy as to how they plan on growing their online community to increase the number of reviews left on the platform.