Jamie Bennett and Jan Serwart – Larry’s List and NAMAC

ArtTactic · Larry's List's Jamie Bennett and NAMAC's Jan Serwart on their Instagram Artist Report
21st January 2022
Jamie Bennett and Jan Serwart
Larry's List And NAMAC

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Jamie Bennett, head of social media and partnerships at Larry’s List, an art market knowledge company, and Jan Serwart, founder of NAMAC, a quantitative art market research company, join us to discuss their Art Collector Instagram Attention Report. First, Jamie and Jan tell us why all of the interactions on Instagram between users is important information that can be extracted to provide insights on what is going on in the art market. Then, they explain how exactly they assessed how much attention artists were receiving on Instagram. After, Jamie and Jan reveal who were the top attention receiving artists in their report. Also, they shared some key differences in attention artists received by geography.