Ariane Moser and Frank Morey – The Art Due Diligence Group

15th June 2017
Ariane Moser and Frank Morey
The Art Due Diligence Group

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ariane Moser, COO of Artive, and Frank Morey, CEO of Virtus Risk Management, joins us to speak about the Art Due Diligence Group, a new due diligence service in which they both belong, designed for the art trade. First, Ariane and Frank explain the purpose of the group and why an art collector would be interested in their services. Then, they identify some of the major challenges that collectors encounter during transactions and how Art Due Diligence can aid in avoiding them. Also, Ariane and Frank predict how the future of the art market will look and specifically the extent of due diligence that will occur surrounding high-value transactions.