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ArtTactic is a leading art market research firm, covering modern and contemporary art markets around the world. We provide unbiased and independent research regarding all facets of the global art market. In addition to our subscription products, ArtTactic also provides bespoke research services. These bespoke services are provided on a pure fee-based structure, and we do not work on commissions. We charge the same day-rate, whether the underlying transaction is worth ?1,000 or ?1 million.

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ArtTactic is not an art index provider or an auction database, although we use both as tools in our analysis. ArtTactic provides processed art market data and information, and relies heavily on qualitative information supplied by our global art industry network. Though many of our competitors rely on data obtained from the auction market, ArtTactic takes a more holistic approach to its research, providing a 360 degree view of the market by taking into account all aspects of the art eco-system and its current and potential impact on value.



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ArtTactic operates different subscription levels, allowing you to choose which market(s) that best suit your needs. Though features differ across the different subscription types, all subscriptions provide access to auction analysis, artist reports, art market surveys, a monthly newsletter and access to our unique series of podcasts.

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ArtTactic offers five different subscription levels, that give you access to 1, 2 or 3 art markets/sectors of your choice. Our highest subscription level, Premium, provides unparalleled access to all art markets/sectors and podcasts listed on our website. We also provide a separate subscription to our Podcast service, giving you access to weekly podcasts and an archive of more than one hundred interviews with key art industry leaders. Currently, we cover the following modern and contemporary art markets: Africa, China, India, Latin America, Middle-East, Russia, Photography and Design. ArtTactic is also able to provide bespoke information products, tailored to our clients? specific needs. Due to the unique characteristics of each bespoke service, fees are negotiated separately from the standard subscription packages provided through the website.  

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Auction Analysis: Provides analysis and commentary of the most recent auctions, in terms of price and volume trends, bought-in rates, hammer price / estimate ratios, top 10 sales and top 10 surprises. All the reports contain historical data and trends which allows you to compare the performance of the current auction against previous auctions. Depending on the market, most of the auction analysis reports also provide comparative analysis between the different auction houses.

Art Market Confidence Analysis: ArtTactic currently operates confidence surveys in the following art markets: India, China and US & Europe. These reports are based on 6-monthly surveys distributed amongst key stakeholders from each individual market. The aim of these surveys is to collate current sentiment or market psychology surrounding each unique art eco-system. The reports include analysis of the overall art market confidence, risk attitudes, as well as short and long-term confidence in individual artist markets. 

Monthly Art Market Briefing: This is ArtTactic?s monthly newsletter (10 issues), published for each of the art markets/sectors that ArtTactic currently covers. The newsletter features recent market trends, important upcoming events and profiles of key art market players and artists. 

Artist Reports: These are monthly reports on individual artists, providing an overview of market trends, primary and auction market analysis and an assessment of risks and opportunities associated with this particular market.  

Podcasts: Our podcasts cover a wide range of topics from art investment related topics to general topics about the global art market industry. Our podcasts also include short presentations on many of the key findings profiled in ArtTactic?s research reports.

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It varies from market to market. Certain art markets, such as the US & European art market, have more reports because of the higher frequency of auctions. However, each market/sector has a minimum of two reports/podcasts published per month, however during more active seasons, this number can increase to 3-4.

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Currently we only publish reports in English, though most of our Chinese art market reports are translated into Chinese.

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MyTactic is your own personal space where you can store reports, podcasts and artists that interest you. It also allows you to update your membership profile and upgrade your subscriptions. MyTactic also allows ArtTactic to provide greater insight into the most popular aspects of our site and services. This insight is applied to ArtTactic?s future reports and content depending on popularity and feedback.

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The 14 day free trial gives you access to 10 recent ArtTactic reports and 5 podcasts. The free trial gives you access to a wide range of different reports, in order to give you a better understanding of the content and nature of the analysis that ArtTactic produces on different markets. 

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You can download the reports as many times as you like, providing you have the right subscription and the subscription has not expired.



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A bespoke service is a product we offer that is not covered by our subscription service. These bespoke services are divided into the following categories:

Fair Value Report: Our fair value reports provide a 360 degree view of a specific artwork, allowing you to make informed decisions on its current market relevance and economic value. By using our wide range of analytical tools we are able to determine fair value and the risks and opportunities associated with the work. These reports include data and information from both the primary and secondary art market, our unique art market confidence index, as well as qualitative data related to the artists career, aesthetic and historic significance of the work.

Artist Report: We can provide tailor-made reports on individual artists ? assessing opportunities and risks involved. We use a combination of auction data, primary market data, artist confidence data, as well as information about the wider context in which the artist operates. Whether you are intending to start collecting works by a specific artist or are re-evaluating a current collection of works from a single artist, our artist reports can help you to be confident in understanding the current market position of your investments.

Art business search and selection: The contemporary art market is a complex eco-system and it is crucial to understand the position and reputation of the businesses that operate within its borders. We offer independent recommendations and advice to both new and established collectors when selecting art businesses to assist with forming, maintaining or enhancing collections. We apply a strict set of independent criteria when selecting appropriate art businesses to ensure they meet our clients? expectations and standards. Our advice extends to the selection of galleries, dealers, auction houses, art advisors, art lawyers, insurance, art conservators and restorers, storage, shipping, art funds and art lending.

Market and sector mapping: In the last ten years the contemporary art market has become a truly global marketplace. Growth markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are a particular focus for many collectors. Our market and sector mapping services can determine potential markets for investment and the key ingredients to help make informed decisions when entering a new market – including a list of recommended partners to work with. By providing in-depth analysis regarding specific markets, we enable you to plan strategically and prioritise specific sectors that relate to your collection.

Industry Reports: Our bespoke, commissioned reports can provide clients comprehensive market intelligence, covering original consumer data and analysis on topics ranging from the overall art industry, specific growth and emerging markets, key sectors to art and finance services. This commissioned research can cover topics relevant to your needs, whether it is highlighting current trends, measuring changing motivations and perceptions or identifying challenges and opportunities. The research provides incisive analysis and the best approach to executing our recommendations. Our unique combination of qualitative opinion and quantitative research, international and local reach, in-house experience and on-ground network leads to insightful analysis which translates into reports that help you make better informed decisions in your area of work.

Primary audience research: ArtTactic offers an expansive range of market research services to address clients’ needs. Our full service menu means clients can choose their level and type of reporting. This research can cover one or many markets, consumer or professional/trade, quantitative or qualitative, online polling or field, strategic advice from industry experts to statistical analysis and interpretation, omnibus or custom research, existing respondents from our network/panel to on-ground recruitment. Our on-ground network across countries is a powerful tool which we can put at our clients disposal to ensure speed, robustness and cost effectiveness. We have a well-documented and published track record illustrating the accuracy of our survey methods and in turn the quality of our client service work.

Feasibility studies: The art market is multinational, extensive, growing and in constant flux. In such a volatile market it is important to research the viability of a proposed idea. The best way to identify an idea?s viability is through a feasibility study. We use our in-depth sector knowledge and research expertise to give our clients enhanced understanding of the proposed idea by looking at identification and exploration of business scenarios and models, market assessment, competitive analysis, custom research, benchmarking, financial and economic feasibility. Through this study, clients gain a complete picture that allows them to choose the most appropriate business model for the proposed idea.



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Click on the following link to get access to our Tools & Analysis introduction video.

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In 2005, ArtTactic launched its first Art Market Confidence Survey for the US and European contemporary art market. The methodology is based on a similar structure to the CEO Confidence Survey in the US. The ArtTactic Confidence Survey, released semi-annually, measures both past and future market sentiment from ?experts? across the art market – buy-side (collectors, dealers), sell-side (galleries, auctions, dealers), institutional/non-market side (museums, curators, critics). The ArtTactic Confidence Survey often leads the art market, because an increase or decrease in the market sentiment of experts leads to a corresponding change in purchasing habits.

Methodology: We measure market confidence using an electronic 6 monthly-survey distributed to 125 experts in the US & European Art Market, 95 experts in the Indian Art market, 85 experts in the Chinese Art Market, and 70 experts in the Photography market. Latin America, Middle East, Russia surveys are in the pipeline.

The answers provided in this survey are compiled from all respondents and then graded based on the following system:

Measure between 0 and 100:
A reading = 50 : equal amount of positive and negative responses
A reading < 50 : more negative responses than positive
A reading > 50 : more positive responses than negative

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One of the questions in the 6-monthly Art Market Confidence Survey looks at the respondents? perception about the level of speculation in the art market. Each respondent is asked to rate the level of speculation that they feel reflects the current market (on a scale from 1- 10, where 1 is virtually no speculation, and 10 is very high level of speculation). This barometer is used as a way of tracking and monitoring whether the market is becoming speculative and the risk of a potential bubble increasing.     

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ArtTactic research accessible through the website is general research only and is not (and is not intended to be) any form of investment advice to buy or sell any item or artist.  Any statements referring to the desirability of holding, selling or buying are general opinions regarding the prospects of the relevant art work or artist and are not specific investment recommendations. Information provided by the ArtTactic website and the reports is not tailored to your specific business or investment objectives, financial situation and other particular needs you may have. Further specialist advice should be sought regarding the appropriateness of buying or selling any works of art or implementing any of the strategies discussed or recommended through the website or in any of its reports.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we would be happy to introduce you to ArtTactic?s bespoke services.