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Resale Analysis: Marquee Evening Sales, London – March 2022

  • Analyst: Lindsay Dewar
  • Pages: 8
  • Access: Analyst Pro

Positive correlation between returns and holding periods

We are delighted to launch the inaugural edition of our new Resale Analysis series, with this first edition taking a closer look at those lots returning to auction for at least the second time during the Marquee auction week in London (1-5 March 2022) of Impressionist, Modern Post-War and Contemporary art.

In this analysis, we take a closer look at the performance of these repeat auction sales and whether there are certain trends that can be identified between holding periods and return on investment.

This Report includes:

  • Resold Lots Analysis
  • Top 10 Resold Lots by Annual Return in detail
  • Top 40 Ranking Table (Resold Lots by Annual Return)


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