RESALE – Hong Kong Auctions – Spring 2023 (Cover – Framed)

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Resale Analysis: Marquee Evening Sales, Hong Kong – Spring 2023

  • Analyst: Lindsay Dewar, Megan Brown
  • Pages: 10
  • Access: Analyst Pro

Seven in ten lots sell with a positive return

The Hong Kong Marquee Evening sales in Spring 2023 saw 60 lots returning to the auction market, for the second, third or fourth time with a combined low estimate of $95 million, accounting for 33.6% of the total evening sales value. 71.7% of these lots sold with a positive return. The large majority (95.2%) of lots (20 lots out of 21) that were held for over 10 years sold at a higher price than their previous price achieved at auction. However, artworks held for less than 10 years showed a more patchy performance, with 38.9% of these lots (14 lots out of 36) selling below the previous auction price.

This report includes:

– Resold Lots Analysis
– Top 10 Resold Lots by Annual Return and Holding Period
– Top 30 Ranking Table (Resold Lots by Annual Return)
– Worst Performers Table (Resold Lots by Negative Annual Return)
– Focus: Multiple Resales
– Focus: Artist Ranking by number of lots resold

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