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Jia Aili: NextGen Artist Monitor – April 2021

  • Analyst: James Cocksey
  • Pages: 6
  • Access: Tracker

As one of the most renowned younger contemporary Chinese artists, the work of Jia Aili (b. 1979, Dandong) embodies the mentality of a whole generation born after the Cultural Revolution, concerned about losing age old traditions and values in a time of open economy and in a fast developing Chinese society. Often painting on a monumental scale and using a muted colour palette of deep blue and green hues, he juxtaposes contemporary moods with traditional figurative style, through abstract, fragmented landscapes. Often interrupted with searching or drifting subjects, his paintings are melancholic in their reflections and speak of the inner self rather than contemporary society in general.

This new artist report from ArtTactic takes a closer look at Jia Aili’s market and the eco-system supporting him, bringing together biographical data, auction analysis and expert opinions.

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Jia Aili: NextGen Artist Monitor – April 2021 ArtTactic