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Art & Finance Report 2017 – November 2017

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The 5th Edition of the Art & Finance Report now available

It is now six years since the first issue of the report was published and it has been exciting to follow and monitor how the Art & Finance industry has evolved over the years. In this anniversary report we have brought together and compared the findings and developments from the previous four editions with this year’s findings.

Increasing competition in the wealth management industry has put emphasis on a more holistic wealth management model, which has become a key driver and motivation for incorporating art-related wealth into the service offering.

Industry convergence is now happening

A lot has happened since we launched the inaugural issue in 2011. One major change over these years has been a shift in the primary focus on art investment toward issues around the management of art-related wealth, including art-secured lending, estate planning, art advisory, and risk management. What is particularly encouraging this year is that we are seeing both a confirmation of the increasing convergence between collectors, art professionals, and wealth managers on the role of art in a wealth management service offering, as well as a convergence of different stakeholder initiatives when it comes to improving art market transparency and the infrastructure around the management of art and collectible wealth. Many of these tools and services are mentioned in this report.

This Art & Finance report act as a barometer for the emerging art and finance industry and highlights the main trends and developments in the art market.