Michael Moses – Mei Moses Art Index

Michael Moses – Mei Moses Art Index

10 January 2013

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Michael Moses, co-founder of the Mei Moses Art Index and Beautiful Asset Advisors, who reveals his art index results for 2012. After sharing these figures, Michael compares the art market’s performance on the year to other assets such as the S&P 500. Moses also provides us with a visual perspective on how his index looks since the credit crisis. Also, despite so much focus on the high-end of the art market, Michael shares that his data shows that this end of the market is actually performing weaker than the middle and lower end of the art market. Lastly, he discusses the effect of auction interval and purchase price on return and if any type of correlation between these two exists.


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Katya Kazakina – Bloomberg News

28 December 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we recap some of the art market’s biggest moments over the past year and discuss some of the biggest winners of 2012 with Katya Kazakina, art market reporter for Bloomberg News. We ask Katya about the main storyline of 2012, the most surprising aspect of the art market over the past year, what artists were the biggest winners of the year, the best art fair of 2012 and more. Katya also looks ahead to 2013 and identifies what she believes will be some of the major topics of future art market discussions.

Judd Tully – Art+Auction Magazine

23 November 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Judd Tully, editor at large of Art+Auction Magazine, joins us to recap last week’s extraordinary Post-War and Contemporary auctions. First, Judd reacts to the historic sales figures and tells us if art market insiders were surprised by the results. Then, Judd speculates on to what extent inflationary concerns by art collectors and investors may have influenced the performance of the auctions. Beyond the Evening Sale, Judd analyzes the Day Sale artworks and if their market experienced a similar bump witnessed during the Evening Sales. Lastly, Judd touches on the recent trend of art market reporters and critics lashing out against the art market.


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Kate Cary Evans – Art Radar Asia

11 October 2012

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Kate Cary Evans, Founder and Executive Editor of Art Radar Asia, joins us with an update on the Chinese contemporary art market in Hong Kong. First, Kate recaps a lackluster Chinese contemporary auction that was held this past weekend in Hong Kong and argues why the Chinese contemporary market is currently experiencing a softening in the market. Then, she discusses the evolution of the gallery scene in Hong Kong and speculates on the right model required for a non-Asian gallery to find success in Hong Kong. Lastly, Kate shares how the Hong Kong art market reacted to news that China’s Guardian and Poly Auctions will have a presence in Hong Kong.

Kelly Crow – Wall Street Journal

10 July 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Kelly Crow, art market reporter for the Wall Street Journal, joins us to recap the London June Contemporary auctions. First, Kelly breaks down the results of the auctions, while noting buying trends that emerged from the sales. Then, she discusses to what effect the European economic crisis impacted the sales. Also, dissecting the day sales, Kelly notes the softening lower end of the market as buyers become more selective.

US and Europe Art Market Confidence Survey – June 2012 Video Preview

28 June 2012

In this video episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we preview our June 2012 US and Europe Art Market Confidence Survey. The overall Contemporary Art Market Confidence Indicator came in at 48 down from 56, a decrease of 8.6% since January 2012. The latest results from the ArtTactic US & European Art Market Confidence survey this month show that respondents continue to feel confident about the post-war and contemporary art market, although the economic crisis in Europe and slowing Asian economies have started to weigh in negatively on the general art market sentiment.

Katya Kazakina – Bloomberg News

28 May 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Katya Kazakina, art market reporter for Bloomberg News, joins us to recap the May New York Contemporary auctions. First, Katya shares with us the market’s reaction to Mark Rothko’s “Orange, Red, Yellow” selling for a record $86.9 million. Then, she speculates on the reasons why the art market continues to thrive despite significant economic uncertainty, especially in Europe. Lastly, Katya details how the market responded to the plethora of works at auction by Gerhard Richter and Cindy Sherman, both of whom are the subject of recent major retrospectives.

Chinese Art Market Confidence Survey – May 2012 Video Preview

18 May 2012

In this video episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we preview our May 2012 Chinese Art Market Confidence Survey. Confidence in the Chinese Contemporary art market drops 6% as market growth comes off the boil. The confidence in the Chinese Contemporary art market has been increasing since ArtTactic launched its first Chinese survey in February 2009. However, recent findings could suggest that the market is slowing down after 3 years of rapid growth.

Indian Art Market Confidence Survey – May 2012 Video Preview

16 May 2012

In this video episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we preview our May 2012 Indian Art Market Confidence Survey. The overall ArtTactic Indian Art Market Confidence Indicator is marginally down by 2% from October 2011. The confidence in the Indian economy has increased from 28 to 45, off-setting a 9% decrease in confidence for the Modern Indian art market, and a 24% drop for the Contemporary Indian market.

Alexandra Peers – The Daily Beast

3 May 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Alexandra Peers, art market reporter for The Daily Beast and Vanity Fair, returns to recap the record-breaking sale of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. First, Alexandra provides us with the play-by-play of what transpired in the saleroom from the opening of the lot until it was finally hammered down approximately twenty minutes later. Then, she speculates on some of the candidates who may have purchased the masterpiece. Also, Alexandra compares the sale to another historic auction from 1990 which featured the sale of Van Gogh’s Portrait of Dr. Gachet. Lastly, Alexandra shares her initial reactions to the inaugural edition of Frieze New York.