Robert Manley

Robert Manley
16th June 2016
Robert Manley
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Robert Manley, formerly the deputy chairman of post-war and contemporary art at Christie’s.

Robert will soon be joining Phillips auction house in a similar capacity and joins us to speak about his experiences participating in our ArtTactic Forecaster competition.

ArtTactic Forecaster participants forecast prices of artworks upcoming at auction.  Robert has given 2,650 predictions in the ArtTactic Forecaster game since May 2014.  He recently won the 2015-2016 Expert League season championship. First, Robert shares what initially drew him to ArtTactic Forecaster and what motivated him to leave so many forecasts.

Then, Robert explains why giving forecasts then having the opportunity to review and analyse his performance improved his forecasting accuracy. Also, he reveals what he has learned about his forecasting abilities that has surprised him. Additionally, Robert offers some free advice on leaving accurate forecasts. In particular he emphasises the importance of the low estimate figure. Lastly, Robert shares his commentary on the May contemporary sales; as well as the state of the overall contemporary art market.