Reena Devi – Independent Arts Journalist

ArtTactic ยท Reena Devi on the Growing Art Scene in Seoul
5th November 2021
Reena Devi
Independent Arts Journalist

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we chat with Reena Devi, independent arts journalist, about the growing art scene in Seoul, Korea. While there has been a lot of focus over the past decade on different areas in Asia, first Hong Kong, then mainland China, Reena explains why the international art world is turning to Seoul now. Then, she explains how celebrity culture in Korea, specifically K-pop music, is significantly influencing collecting habits within the country. Also, Reena responds to Frieze Art Fair’s decision to expand into Asia with a fair in Seoul. Further, she explains the motivation behind the influx of young collectors in Korea and also shares how this incredible growth is impacting the local art market in Seoul.