Nate Freeman – Vanity Fair

ArtTactic ยท Vanity Fair's Nate Freeman Recaps Art Basel
28th September 2021
Nate Freeman
Vanity Fair

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Nate Freeman, art columnist at Vanity Fair, chats with us about the latest edition of Art Basel. First, Nate tells us what the mood was like at this year’s fair and explains how it compared to a normal Art Basel. Then, he reveals to what extent American and Asian collectors were missing from the fair and if their absence had a noticeable impact on sales. After, Nate identifies some of the most noteworthy sales and booth presentations this year. Further, he explains how much closer this fair has brought the art world to returning to a normal fair experience. Finally, Nate speculates what the lifting of the travel ban in the US may mean for Art Basel Miami later this year.