Mary McCauley – The Baltimore Sun

ArtTactic ยท The Baltimore Sun's Mary McCauley on the Baltimore Museum of Art's Deaccessioning Controversy
Mary McCauley ArtTactic Podcast
16th November 2020
Mary McCauley
The Baltimore Sun

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Mary McCauley, arts report for The Baltimore Sun, joins us to discuss the Baltimore Museum of Art’s controversial attempt to deaccession three paintings from the museum’s permanent collection. First, Mary tells us about the paintings by Andy Warhol, Brice Marden and Clyfford Still and their history with the museum’s collection. Then, she reveals what the museum’s motivation was to sell the paintings and why they ultimately decided against it. Also, she speculates why the museum received such intense scrutiny while other museums haven’t. Lastly, Mary tells us how the residents of Baltimore felt about the museum’s controversial decision.