Judd Tully – Art + Auction

Judd Tully
Date23rd November 2016
GuestJudd Tully
CompanyArt + Auction
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Judd Tully.

Judd Tully is editor at large of Art + Auction.  He joins us to recap last week’s major post-war and contemporary sales in New York. First, Judd reveals the mood of the art market just ahead of the auctions, following the US election. He compares the mood to the summer auctions that occurred in London shortly after Brexit. Then, he highlights some of the key takeaways from the auction results and what it indicates for the health of the art market. Also, Judd touches on the sustainability of Adrian Ghenie’s incredible market surge as well as why Phillips’ sale last week was a “breakthrough” for the auction house.