Devang Thakkar – Christie’s Ventures

ArtTactic · Christie's Ventures' Devang Thakkar on Investing in Art and Tech Companies
13th September 2022
Devang Thakkar
Christie's Ventures

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Devang Thakkar, Head of Christie’s Ventures, about their new area of the business, Christie’s Ventures. First, Devang explains what Christie’s Ventures is and what motivated the auction house to want to establish a venture capital branch. Then, he describes Christie’s mindset now regarding exploring different types of opportunities and investments even in this uncertain economic climate. After, Devang shares how Christie’s can leverage its experience, expertise and brand in the art market so their investments are more than purely financial. Also, he identifies some areas of how NFTs are collected that can be improved so it can mature as a collectible. Lastly, Devang share details about Christie’s Ventures’ first investment.