Anny Shaw – The Art Newspaper

18th February 2016
Anny Shaw
The Art Newspaper
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Anny Shaw, UK correspondent and art market reporter for The Art Newspaper

Anny Shaw joins us to recap last week’s post-war and contemporary auctions in London. First, Anny breaks down the sales by the numbers and identifies some of the trends across the auction houses. While there seemed to be varying opinions on the strength of the sales and what they mean for the state of the art market moving forward, Anny shares with us what the mood was like amongst market participants in the sales rooms following each of the auctions. Then, she explains why the middle market may be an area which the auction houses focus on moving forward. Also, Anny picks out what kinds of artists and aesthetic styles performed favourably or were ignored by bidders during the sales. Lastly, Anny discusses the substantial drop off in auction guarantees this season.