Sohrab Sepehri

Sohrab Sepehri was born in Kashan, Iran in 1928. Even though he obtained a Fine Arts Diploma from Tehran University, Sepehri did not professionally pursue his artistic passion until 1964 when he began his famous tree trunk paintings. Just like his poetry, Sepehri’s paintings make reference to the simplicity and lyricism of Japanese culture. Sepehri spent a year in the USA and subsequently travelled to Paris where he remained for two years. Throughout his life, Sohrab perfected his soft brushstrokes and his abstract minimalist manner of painting, which became his trademark. The artist never portrayed an element in its entirety but instead gave the viewer a hint of its features; thus, in a typical orientalist fashion, Sepehri expresses his objects in a limitless and timeless environment. Unfortunately, in 1980 the artist lost the battle with cancer and passed away. Yet, Sepehri’s influence on Iranian painting still lingers. In December 2010, the Tehran Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective of his art and the exhibition, without doubt, recognized Seperhi as the father of Iranian modernism.