Semyon Faibisovich

Semyon Faibisovich is a Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow. His educational background did not destine him to become a painter since he finished the Moscow College of Architecture in 1976. He then worked as a filmmaker and writer and was involved in the Conceptualism that dominated Moscow’s art scene at that time. As a non-conformist artist during the Soviet Union he returned to painting in the 2000s and had his first official shows, which became famous for photorealistic paintings of everyday life scenes. In 2005 he took his first picture with his mobile phone and started using this medium as a basis for his paintings. He transposes the scenes onto large canvases, imitating though his brushstrokes the mobile phone’s low resolution. The subjects he chooses from Russian urban life are often the unglamorous individuals he meets on the streets of Moscow. By using photography as a process for his painting his canvases become a real testimony of Russian reality during the present democratic years in contrast with the other more glamorous side of Moscow city. His paintings appeal to the viewer as both poetic and humanistic. He has exhibited in Regina Gallery since 2008 and in Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York. He has also participated in group shows, such as in the Institute for Contemporary art in New York.