Paul Guiragossian

Paul Guiragossian was born in Jerusalem in 1926 but later relocated and settled in Lebanon, taking on Lebanese citizenship. Guiragossian’s career started in 1942 at the Yarkon Studio in Jerusalem where he developed notable skill in charcoal drawings of faces and figures. This initial ability led to a lifelong interest in the human condition and the pursuit of repeating themes such as the mother and child and women, whom he saw as sacred and untouchable. For the most part, his work revolves around the human form and is expressed in painting, sculpture, frescoes as well as other media. In his later works, Guiragossian’s figures become more abstracted and elongated, inspired by Byzantine icons, using a strong colour palette, bold strokes, thick layers of paint and a hermetic composition. Guiragossian is known for his signature vertical lines, structured compositions and strong brushwork. One of Lebanon’s most revered painters, Guiragossian received a state funeral and was knighted by the Lebanese Government with the Medal of Honour of the Cedar upon his death in 1993.