Mohammed Ehsai

Mohammed Ehsai was born in Qazvin, Iran in 1939. Ehsai is classically trained in traditional calligraphy and, in 1966, began to study Fine Arts at the Tehran University.  Upon graduating in 1971, Ehsai was offered a position to teach at the university. As a calligrapher, his work establishes traditional sacred scripture or calligraphy in a modern context by transforming the traditional script into his own unique style of calligraphic painting, which seeks to transmute calligraphy into new forms of abstraction. He did this by introducing new approaches to proportion, ratio and symmetry in calligraphy, taking inspiration from Western abstraction and Chinese brush painting. This approach evokes multiple modes of interpretation beyond the mere visual component by constantly challenging the traditional boundaries of calligraphy. Ehsai incorporates modern techniques and creates original compositions. His work ranges from calligraphic paintings to murals on structures such as the Iranian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ehsai’s unique approach to calligraphy parallels with other forms of creation, such as design and continues to inspire future generations of artists and designers.