Mahmoud Said

Mahmoud Said is a prominent Egyptian modern artist, born in 1897 in Alexandria, Egypt, who led the way for a new generation of Egyptian painters. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Cairo and in time developed a unique approach to painting that emphasized a three-dimensional style of expression along with a contrast of light and shadow. In 1947, at the age of fifty after pursuing a judicial career, he dedicated himself solely to his art.  Even though the subject matter of Said’s work can range from landscape to nudes, many of his paintings were inspired by everyday Egyptian life in which Said used techniques from Western art to convey an individual style. Said was also inspired by his travels round Egypt, Europe and Lebanon. The artist passed away in 1964 in Egypt. Nine years later in 1973 his home was converted into a museum. His work can now be seen in collections such as the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in the Cairo Opera House compound and in Alexandria at the Mahmoud Said Museum and the Alexandria National Museum.