Jeroen Verhoeven

Jeroen Verhoeven was born in 1976 in the Netherlands. He graduated from Eindhoven design academy in 2004 along with his twin brother and a fellow colleague, with whom they cofounded Demakersvan design house in 2005.

His work is said to combine function and form in a mystical way. He manages to turn functional mundane objects into beauty pieces. He is famous for using contemporary software to create his works of art. His most famous piece, the Cinderella table, he created by translating a sketch of an 18th century commode and a console, to create two digital drawings and from where on he created a third representation and eventually a unique piece of furniture. The name of the table is derived from the way it was produced: something old is transformed into something entirely new that is just breathtaking. His works have been exhibited internationally. Most recent exhibitions include Victoria and Albert museum in London (2009). A Cinderella example is in MoMA’s permanent collection. The acclaimed design house has also representation in Centre Pompidou. On the commercial side, it has also signed contracts with giants such as Swarovski and Nike.