Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia was born in 1915 in San Lorenzo, Italy and is often described as an artist, sculptor and furniture designer. He moved to the US 15 years later, where he studied art and design in Cass Technical School. He also mastered the art of handmade jewellery making.

After he dedicated some years to jewellery crafts, he established a studio and started focusing on furniture design, using wire for his works. His famous creation, the “Diamond chair” is made of molten lattice of welded steel. His unique design has become famous ever since and he produced a number of other chairs which came to be known as the Bertoia Collection for Knoll. The mass arrangement later allowed him to focus on another passion of his – sculpture. His approach was focused on exploring how metal could be used to produce sound. He was also commissioned to create sculpture for a variety of American buildings, including the Marshall University fountain in Huntington, West Virginia. Later on, after his death, his son goes on to describe his work as bringing together all forms of human energy, involving the power of light, sound, natural forms and textures.