Faisal Samra

Faisal Samra was born in 1956 in Bahrain into a Saudi family. After graduating from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, he pursued a career in graphic design working for the World Arab Institute. Samra’s works have a strong emphasis on the visual, as he chooses to work with various media including photography, video, sculpture and installation. Due to his extensive travels, Samra’s style is diverse but unified by one common characteristic – an opposition to the mainstream imagery of contemporary mass media and politics. He has participated in various group exhibitions including Word Into Art at British Museum and Languages of the Desert: Contemporary Arab Art from the Gulf States show, which travelled to Abu Dhabi, Paris and Bonn. Institutions such as the British Museum, the Modern Art Museum in Cairo, the Sh. Paula Al Sabah Private Collection in Kuwait and many others collect Samra’s work.