Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman was drawn to television of the 1960s and interested in disguise and make-up at a young age. This fascination later translated into her art. Sherman studied art at Buffalo State College from 1972-1976 concentrating on photography. Her photographs portray her as various stereotypes of women. Specifically, her characters include women from old movies, television soaps, and magazines. Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills were recognised by the international art world during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In these works, Sherman takes on the roles of B-list movie actresses. The images play on the theme of self-portraits, but actually represent fabrications of the self. By leaving the works untitled, Sherman depersonalises the images. She has not only used herself as model, but also experimented with doll parts and prosthetic body parts in her photographs. Through her work, Sherman comments on identity and the visual oppressiveness of popular culture.