Sebastian Cwilich – Artsy

Date24th April 2013
GuestSebastian Cwilich

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Sebastian Cwilich, President and COO of Artsy, joins us to update us on how things are going at the art e-commerce company. First, Sebastian explains one of the unique aspects of Artsy, the development and implementation of an algorithm that assesses art as well as users’ tastes through a series of aesthetic and art historical characteristics. Then, Sebastian recaps Artsy’s experience partnering with the Armory Show to exhibit works online in advance of the fair. He reveals during this partnership period, Artsy received approximately 250,000 page visits, leading to 10 million artwork impressions. Also, Sebastian tells us how things are going from a sales perspective, walks us through a hypothetical transaction on the site, details how they were able to convince established galleries to finally sell work online and speculates on the future of the online art marketplace.