Melanie Gerlis – The Art Newspaper

Date14th January 2014
GuestMelanie Gerlis
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CompanyThe Art Newspaper

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Melanie Gerlis, art market editor for The Art Newspaper, returns to the podcast to discuss her newly released book, Art as an Investment? A Survey of Comparative Assets. First, Melanie explains how she examines the concept of art as an investment by comparing it to six other assets, including: gold, equities, wine, private equity, property and the luxury goods industry. On the podcast, she reveals which of the six assets was most similar to art and which was the most different. Ultimately, Melanie concludes that art comes up a bit short as an asset compared to other assets and breaks down for us why that is the case. Finally, she touches on the art investment fund industry, explaining why the niche industry has remained stagnant despite increasing prices in the art market over the past few years.