Marc Masurovsky – Holocaust Art Restitution Project

Date21st December 2012
GuestMarc Masurovsky
CompanyHolocaust Art Restitution Project

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re here with Marc Masurovsky, historian and co-founder of the Holocaust Art Restitution Project. First, Marc shares with us the Holocaust Art Restitution Project’s motivation and efforts as well as its role in restoring World War II looted artworks to their original owners. Then, Marc provides us with an approximation as to the extent of the looting that occurred as well as how many artworks remain at-large. He also addresses how courts handle if an artwork has passed through several different owners since the original theft. Lastly, Marc explains the most common patterns as to how families have successfully proven an artwork once belonged to their family.


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Marc Masurovsky - Holocaust Art Restitution Project ArtTactic