Kenny Schachter

Date10th May 2014
GuestKenny Schachter

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, art dealer, writer and curator, Kenny Schachter, returns to the podcast to discuss the current state of the booming contemporary art market as well as preview the upcoming post-war & contemporary auctions next week in New York. First, Kenny explains that the contemporary art market is as strong as it has ever been largely due to the widening global reach of the market. Then, he tells us why he’s eagerly looking forward to seeing how Wade Guyton’s artworks perform in next week’s auctions in New York. Also, Kenny provides us with his thoughts on the young generation of artists who have experienced significant price escalations recently and why this phenomenon has reached an unprecedented territory. Lastly, Kenny describes how the contemporary art market has morphed into several micro-markets, some of which will succumb to an eventual market downturn, while others will be less impacted by one.