Catherine Edelman – Catherine Edelman Gallery

Date4th June 2014
GuestCatherine Edelman
CompanyCatherine Edelman Gallery

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Catherine Edelman, founder of Catherine Edelman Gallery, a prominent, Chicago-based photography gallery, joins us to recap a few recent photography fairs as well as discuss trends occurring in the broader photography market. First, Catherine gives us a sense of the pulse of the photography market at the moment based on her recent experiences exhibiting at the AIPAD photography show and Paris Photo LA. Then, she identifies some of the visual trends she has witnessed recently from contemporary photographers, most notably the mixing of mediums from younger photographers, specifically, photography with paintings, sculpture and video. Also, Catherine interestingly discusses what she calls the “Gursky Effect”, in which the mainstream success and appeal of photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth have had a positive impact on the broader photography market.