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South Asia: Art and Philanthropy Report 2020

  • Analyst: Anders Peterson
  • Pages: 84

ArtTactic is delighted to launch the South Asia: Art and Philanthropy 2020 in partnership with Art Dubai.

About this report:

Following from last year’s South Asia: Art and Philanthropy 2020, ArtTactic has expanded the scope of the report to include the wider South Asian region, in order to better understand the funding eco-system for the visual arts sector, and to map and present innovative and sustainable philanthropic activities in South Asia. Although the majority of philanthropic arts activities are taking place in India, innovative models are emerging in other parts of the region, from artist-led initiatives to new models focusing on the public realm. In the absence of public funding, younger and older generations of artists are mobilising to create their own philanthropic models to build and sustain artistic practices often neglected by the commercial market.

ArtTactic has added two new sections to this year’s report. The inaugural South Asian Art Patron Survey 2020, which is our first attempt to start monitoring trends and motivations in individual giving to the arts, and the South Asian Investment in the Arts Survey 2020, which sets out to better understand how arts organisations in the region are currently funding their activities, and the challenges they are facing as we are heading into the next decade.

We hope that this year’s report can trigger a broader debate around how to encourage more support for the arts and inspire innovation and adaption of new philanthropic models fit for the 21st Century. We believe that the value of sharing ‘stories’ and ‘experiences’ is the most effective way of demonstrating the impact of the arts. We would like to thank all the contributors to this year’s report for allowing us to get an insight in their journeys, to see their passion and their actions, and to help us understand the real value of art.

We encourage every reader of this report to take action, whether it is supporting local art initiatives, artists, a crowdfunding campaign or setting up your own philanthropic venture. Your help does matter, and collectively we can have a significant impact on shaping our cultural landscape for the future.

Contributors to this year’s report:
Giulia Ambrogi, Arjun Bahl, Saloni Doshi, Arundhati Ghosh, Feroze Gujral, Annoushka Hempel, Bethany Hucks, Fatima Hussain, Hanif Kureshi, Kiran Nadar, Akshat Nauriyal, Shwetal Patel, Priya Paul, Ashvin Rajagopalan, Nadia Samdani, Tarana Sawhney, Pooja Sood, Vivan Sundaram, Thanish Thomas

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South Asia: Art and Philanthropy Report 2020 ArtTactic


The face of philanthropy in South Asia is changing.