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Salman Toor: NextGen Artist Monitor – July 2021

  • Analyst: James Cocksey
  • Pages: 6
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Through vibrant and insightful figurative paintings, the artwork of Salman Toor (b. 1983, Lahore, Pakistan) captures intimate and solitary moments in everyday life, typically of young gay men ensconced in contemporary cosmopolitan culture. He draws upon art-historical traditions of European painting, with influences ranging from Baroque, Rococo and Impressionist masters and disrupts entrenched attitudes towards race and gender prevalent within these traditions, by introducing elements of humour, fantasy and cultural hybridity. Toor graduated with a BFA (hons) in Painting and Drawing at Ohio Wesleyan University in 2006 and an MFA in Painting from New York’s Pratt Institute in 2008. He lives and works in New York.

This new artist report from ArtTactic takes a closer look at Salman Toor’s market and the eco-system supporting him, bringing together biographical data, auction analysis and expert opinions.

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Salman Toor: NextGen Artist Monitor – July 2021 ArtTactic