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Resale Analysis: Marquee Evening Sales, London – October 2022

  • Analyst: Lindsay Dewar
  • Pages: 10
  • Access: Analyst Pro

Shorter holding periods yield positive returns this season

The London Marquee evening sales of Modern, Post-War and Contemporary art in October saw 22 lots returning to the auction market for the second or third time with a combined low estimate of $32.6 million, accounting for 25.9% of total evening sales. This analysis takes a closer look at the performance of these repeat auction sales and if there are certain trends that can be identified between holding periods and return on investment.

The latest edition of our new Resale Analysis series, looks at the performance of these 22 repeat auction sales and whether there are certain trends that can be identified between holding periods and return on investment.

This report includes:

– Resold Lots Analysis
– Top 10 Resold Lots by Annual Return and Holding Period
– Ranking Table (Resold Lots by Annual Return)
– Focus: Multiple Resales
– Focus: Artist Ranking by number of lots resold

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