Indian Art Market Confidence Survey – May 2014

No. Pages15
ResearchersAnders Petterson
Report TypeConfidence Survey

Report Highlights:

  • Confidence in the Indian art market jumps to highest reading since 2007: The overall ArtTactic Indian Art Market Confidence Indicator jumped 41.9% from the last reading in November 2013, and now stands at 74, the highest reading since October 2007.
  • The majority of the experts believe the Modern Indian art market will go up in the second half of 2014: 63% of the experts believe the Indian art market will go up in the next 6 months (compared to 40% in November 2013), 37% believe the market will remain flat (compared to 60% in November 2013)
  • Two out of five experts believe the contemporary Indian art market is set to go up in the next 6 months: The survey respondents are getting increasingly positive to the Indian contemporary art market with 38% of the experts predicting that the market will go up in the next half a year (compared to only 7% in November 2013)

Report also includes Modern and Contemporary Indian Artist short- and long-term confidence analysis and rankings.


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