Chinese Contemporary Art Market Confidence Survey – April 2013

No. Pages9
ResearchersAnders Petterson, Yu Chen, Nathan Engelbrecht
Report TypeConfidence Survey

A 16.9% increase in confidence in the Chinese contemporary art signals renewed confidence among experts.

After a 35% drop in art market confidence in November 2012, recent findings suggest more positive market sentiment among art experts in the Chinese contemporary art market. The overall Confidence Indicator is now standing at 57, up from 49. An indicator above 50 implies that there is more positive than negative sentiment among survey respondents.

However, the increase in confidence has not been universal, and shows clear difference between the primary market and the auction market. The Primary Art Market Indicator (gallery market) has increased 20% from a reading of 54 in November 2012 to 64 in April 2013. However, the Auction Market Indicator saw a decrease of 3%, from 48 to 46, which suggests that the confidence in the Chinese contemporary art auction market remains fragile. The Auction Indicator has fallen 45% since March 2011.

Top 5 Artists – Short-term Confidence
1 Qiu Zhijie
2 Yang Fudong
3 Xu Zhen
4 Liu Xiaodong
5 Xu Bing

Top 5 Artists – Long-term Confidence

1 Cai Guoqiang
2 Yang Fudong
3 Ai Weiwei
4 Zhang Xiaogang
5 Zhang Peili

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