Adam Popescu – The New York Times

21 March 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Adam Popescu, writer for The New York Times, joins us to discuss Damien Hirst’s exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles featuring his abstract, colorful paintings from his new series of work. First, Adam talks about the scene at the opening of the exhibition and tells us how much clout Hirst still possesses both inside and outside of the art world. Then, Adam tells us how important it is to Hirst and to art collectors that the artist personally painted the works in the exhibition, rather than his studio assistants, who have painted many of his older paintings. Also, he reveals what Hirst says is the message behind the new works, how the paintings are being received by the art world and if the show is viewed as a success for Hirst.


Maria Brito – Maria Brito

6 March 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Maria Brito, a New York based art advisor, curator and author. First, Marias offers advice to both new collectors who are building their collections as well as established collections seeking to refine their collections. Then, she comments on the strength of the art market at the moment and identifies which areas in particular are flourishing. Also, Maria names some emerging artists she feels are flying under the radar. Additionally, Maria discusses how she leverages Instagram to build her art advisory and make new contacts. Lastly, she tells us about her new #MBCultureFiles video series.


Frances Oglesby – Artive

2 March 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Frances Oglesby, global operations manager of Artive, joins us to discuss the non-profit organization that aims to provide a universal, digital and searchable archive for works of art and cultural property. First, Frances explains Artive’s mission, then she explains the two aspects of their database, those who submit artworks on the database, if they have been victims of crime, and those who search the database, as a due diligence exercise. Also, she reveals how they built a database containing over 150,000 artworks, discusses the importance of their image recognition technology and clarifies why they are registered as a non-profit.


Anne Bruder – Anne Bruder Art

22 February 2018

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Anne Bruder, founder of Anne Bruder Art, a New York-based art advisory firm specializing in contemporary art. First, Anne shares with us how she helps new collectors figure out what kind of art they like and want to have in their collections. Then, she reveals how often her clients consider the investment component of a potential acquisition and what advice she gives her clients who ask about art as an investment. Also, Anne explains the best strategy for collectors who are trying to get in the front of a gallery waiting list for a hot artist. Lastly, Anne lists some emerging artists she’s currently excited about and advising her clients to consider for their collections.


Anders Petterson – ArtTactic

7 February 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Anders Petterson, founder and CEO of ArtTactic, joins us to share his insights on the art market in 2018 from ArtTactic’s brand new report, Global Art Market Outlook 2018. First, Anders recaps the performance of the art market in 2017. Then, he describes the overall sentiment in the art market as we enter 2018 and how it varies based on price point. Also, he reveals how sentiment differs for the different major regions in the global art market.


Asher Edelman – Artemus

25 January 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Asher Edelman, a founding member and CEO of Artemus, an art financing and leasing company. First, Asher explains the concept of their sale-leaseback program and how it works. Then, he shares some compelling reasons as to why it’s a preferable route for individuals over simply obtaining loans against your artworks. Also, Asher discusses the current landscape of the art financing space, including where Artemus sits relative to their competitors. Lastly, Asher speculates where the art market may be heading in 2018.


Georgina Adam – Dark Side of the Boom: The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century

17 January 2018

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Georgina Adam, contributor at the Financial Times and art market editor-at-large of The Art Newspaper, joins us to chat about some of the key topics in her brand new book, Dark Side of the Boom: The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century. First, Georgina identifies how prevalent certain shady aspects of the art market are, such as fakes, tax avoidance, money laundering, etc. Then, she discusses the secretive nature of freeports and what it was like to walk through Le Freeport in Luxembourg. Also, Georgina dissects the greatest example of speculation during the last boom, the Zombie Formalist movement, and where the artists, galleries and collectors are today. Lastly, Georgina reveals the most interesting legal dispute in the art market today and she tells us to what extent greater regulation should be introduced in the marketplace.


Mary Buschman – ARIS Title Insurance

9 January 2018

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Mary Buschman, president of ARIS Title Insurance, joins us to discuss the growing art title insurance space. First, Mary explains what art title insurance is and why it’s important to purchase it. Then, Mary walks us through what typically occurs if someone else claims to own the title of an artwork you own. Also, she tells us how art title insurance would have played a factor in some of the recent cases in which dealers deceived clients by selling an artwork to multiple people. Finally, Mary discusses how the globalization of the art market has increased art title risk and shares with us trends regarding the rate at which art title insurance is being purchased by collectors.


Judd Tully

23 December 2017

In this week’s special end of the year episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Judd Tully, veteran art market reporter, joins us to reflect on some of the major events in the art market over the past year. First, Judd identifies some of the top moments from 2017, including the $450 million da Vinci sale at Christie’s, the increasing role of guarantees at auctions and the rise of Phillips auction house. Then, he declares some of the artists who were the biggest winners in 2017, such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Peter Doig, Mark Grotjahn and Sigmar Polke. Also, Judd tells us what aspects of the art market he will be following closely next year as well as sharing his bold prediction for the art market in 2018.


Nate Freeman – ARTnews

16 December 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Nate Freeman, senior staff writer at ARTnews, joins us to recap Art Basel Miami Beach. First, Nate shares with us some of the most common activities on people’s Miami agendas this year including museums, fairs, galleries and parties. Then, Nate tells us what the consensus was on the fair this year and how it compared to previous editions. Also, he reveals the most talked about booths at Art Basel this year as well as how much political themed art was on display. Lastly, Nate tells us which artists were spotted at the fair, ranging from an artist selling their own art in their gallery’s booth to an artist who hid in their hotel room for 48 hours straight.