Jeremy Eckstein & Antonia Kimbell – ArtBanc

Jeremy Eckstein & Antonia Kimbell – ArtBanc

20 March 2013

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by ArtBanc’s Jeremy Eckstein and Antonia Kimbell, to discuss their new online art platform that brings together private collectors, trusts and estates and their professional advisors as sellers; and a select group of accredited international fine art dealers and art advisors as the buyers in this marketplace. After briefing explaining the concept of their platform, Jeremy and Antonio explain the benefits of selling on ArtBanc as opposed to an auction house, gallery or dealer. Also, they elaborate on why they restrict the group of potential buyers to dealers or advisers. Lastly, Jeremy and Antonia discuss why the art world is now ready to buy high-end art online.

Antony Riand – ArtViatic

4 March 2013

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Antony Riand, Executive Director of ArtViatic, a new online art platform for buyers and sellers to negotiate directly, without intermediaries. First, Antony explains ArtViatic’s platform in detail as well as why such a direct platform is needed and can work successfully in the art market. Then, he discusses the advantages of buying and selling via ArtViatic’s discrete platform versus transacting at auction or via a gallery. Lastly, Antony tells us if he believes seeing an artwork in-person is still a pre-requisite in most cases or if he feels collectors and dealers are becoming more comfortable spending five, six and even possibly seven figures based off of an image only.

Dan Teran – Artsicle

14 December 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Dan Teran, creative director of Artsicle, an online business that rents inexpensive art. First, Dan tells us about the type of art featured in Artsicle’s inventory as well as how they go about discovering living New York artists to feature in their collection. Then, he shares with us a unique feature on their website, a recommendation tool offering new collectors guidance on what artworks they may prefer for their homes. Dan also explains how renters can eventually purchase works from Artsicle and shares with us who is the typical art renting client.


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Nahema Mehta – Art Remba

6 December 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re here with Nahema Mehta, founder of Art Remba, a NY-based art rental company. First, Nahema explains in detail how Art Remba works, from their subscribers choosing artworks to Art Remba delivering them to the client. Then, she discusses what type of individual is most likely to rent high-end art versus buying artworks via auction, gallery or fair. Also, Nahema details the type of artworks currently available for rent at Art Remba as well as how Art Remba’s subscribers can ultimately purchase the artworks they rent.

Boris Pevzner – Collectrium

13 September 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Boris Pevzner, founder of Collectrium, the #1 Cloud-Based Art Inventory Management Platform in the art world, joins us to talk about his company. First, Boris talks about his inventory management platform and how galleries, collectors and fairs uniquely utilize his services. Then, he addresses why cloud-based systems are so advantageous, especially within the art world. Also, given his knowledge of art and technology, Boris breaks down the online art marketplace and where in the art market he believes certain companies can find success.

Ezra Konvitz – ArtStack

5 September 2012

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ezra Konvitz, co-founder of ArtStack, a site which allows users to discover and share art amongst each other, joins us to talk about his new social platform. First, Ezra explains in detail how users can go about sharing their favorite artworks as well as following different users on the site to discover new artworks or artists. Then, Ezra shares his thoughts on why, previous to ArtStack, the art world lacked the presence of an online social network. He also addresses the diverse community of members on the site and how having users from all different aspects of the art world has enhanced the overall community.  Presently, ArtStack is an invitation-only site, however ArtTactic Podcast listeners can sign up for ArtStack by clicking here:

Spencer Hyman – Artfinder

5 August 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Spencer Hyman, founder and CEO of Artfinder, the world’s largest online art catalogue. First, Spencer familiarizes us with Artfinder and details the different services his online company provides its users. Having worked at Amazon and, Spencer has been a part of two different transformations that changed how books and music were consumed online. Given these experiences, we asked him what is it about the art world that makes him feel a similar online metamorphisis is possible. Also, Spencer shares his thoughts on why online art sales haven’t taken off thus far and if there is potential for it too going forward.

Noah Horowitz – The Armory Show

19 March 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we welcome back Noah Horowitz, managing director of the Armory Show, to recap this year’s edition of the fair. First, Noah discusses the motivation behind the changes to the format of the fair and assesses how effective they were. Then, he touches on reported sales from the fair as well as the sentiment amongst exhibitors regarding the state of the contemporary market. Noah also addresses the role of the art fair within the increasingly global contemporary art market. Lastly, he details the fair’s partnership with online art sale venture, Paddle8.

Lisa Kennedy – VIP Art Fair

17 January 2012

In this edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Lisa Kennedy, CEO of the VIP Art Fair.  With the second edition of the fair upcoming, Lisa talks about the changes and upgrades made to this year’s version of the online fair. Then, she provides us with figures on how geographically diverse the fair was last year, with visitors from over 196 countries virtually attending VIP in 2011. Coming to VIP with a significant internet retail background outside of art, Lisa compares the state of the online art industry to other products and goods which are sold online. Lastly, Lisa discusses the three recently announced fairs that VIP has added to its brand.

Robert Norton – s[edition]

28 November 2011

In this episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Robert Norton, CEO and co-founder of s[Edition], a brand new site that offers digital limited edition artworks for sale by several prominent contemporary artists. First, Robert explains this new digital medium as well as the inspiration behind s[Edition]. Unlike traditional art which is hung on walls, Robert details how collectors can view digital limited editions through a variety of devices and touches on the future of connected television. Lastly, Robert shares how receptive artists have been in exploring this new medium on s[Edition].