Johannes Frohlich – Project Art

Johannes Frohlich – Project Art

1 June 2017

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Johannes Frohlich, co-founder and CEO of Project Art, joins us to talk about his online art startup. First, Johannes introduces us to Project Art, a crowd curated online art marketplace. Then, he explains how he thinks he can differentiate Project Art from competitors in the crowded art e-commerce industry. Also, Johannes touches on how they attract emerging artists to sell on their platform as well as their strategy for targeting collectors around the world.

Patrick and Shea of Paddle8

Shea Goli and Patrick van der Vorst – Paddle8

29 November 2016

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast Patrick and Shea (Paddle8’s Shea Goli, head of the London contemporary sale, and Patrick van der Vorst, UK CEO).


Patrick and Shea update us on the online auction house.  This following the merger with Auctionata.  They also share news about their first live streaming auctions. First, six months after the announced merger with Auctionata, Patrick and Shea tell us the ways in which Paddle8 has benefited from joining with competitor Auctionata. Then, they highlight areas of strength and weakness in the mid-market, where the majority of the art market operates.

Additionally, with major auction houses recently launching eCommerce platforms, Shea and Patrick reveal Paddle’s pitch to persuade consignors to sell with them. Also, they tell us about their upcoming Paddle8 Pad. The Paddle8 Pad is a set of live streaming auctions and why they decided to pursue the live sales format. Lastly, they highlight some lots from their inaugural live sales.

Ari Grazi

Ari Grazi – Indiewalls

7 November 2016
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ari Grazi, president and co-founder of Indiewalls.

Indiewalls is an online art platform created to connect designers, interior decorators and businesses with artists. Ari Grazi joins us to discuss the commercial art space. First, Ari explains how Indiewalls is different than so many other art eCommerce websites. It focuses on corporate clients seeking art for commercial spaces, rather than individual collectors. Then, he reveals to what extent owners of commercial property, such as hotels, are concerned with the art that hangs on their walls. This, from both an aesthetic and cost perspective. Also, Ari tell us how much competition there is in this unique area of the art market. He identifies the types of artists who submit artworks on his platform and he shares some metrics on the company’s recent performance.

Anders Petterson

Anders Petterson – ArtTactic

31 August 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast

Anders Petterson, founder of ArtTactic, joins us to discuss ArtTactic’s upcoming seminar. “How to Research Your Art Business Idea”. This is a 3-evening course occurring from September 12-14 in London.  Considering that we interview so many art entrepreneurs on the podcast, we thought you would enjoy hearing a preview of our seminar.  The course focuses on assisting art entrepreneurs with their business ideas.  First, Anders explains why ArtTactic is hosting the seminar at this time.  He cites the many ways in which the art industry is changing.  This includes the increasing entrepreneurship outside of the transaction based business models.  The increase in the industry’s size is addressed.  Equally the maturation of art as an asset class and the increasing development of technology, social media and e-commerce are addressed.  Then, Anders details what the course aims to achieve.   He also addresses what an aspiring or existing art entrepreneur can learn over the three evenings.


We have recently launched an online course based on this seminar series.

Matthias Dorner – Wydr

2 August 2016
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast

We’re here with Matthias Dorner.  

Matthias is founder of Wydr, which is a new start-up considered to be Tinder for the art world. First, Matthias walks us through how someone uses Wydr.   He then explains how similar the app is is to Tinder.

Then, Matthias argues for viewing art one work at a time using a swiping motion.  This he explains is preferable over the traditional way of viewing artwork online, many thumbnails at a time. Also, Matthias shares his thoughts regarding to what extent he believes the art world will eventually adopt this format of viewing artworks.

Lastly, Matthias explains why Wydr is so appealing to millennials and also what type of artists are choosing to feature their artwork on the app.

Jean-Baptiste Fabre

Jean-Baptiste Fabre – Auction After Sale

8 June 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we’re joined by Jean-Baptiste Fabre.  

Jean-Baptiste Fabre is founder of Auction After Sale, an online platform addressing artworks unsold at auction. First, Jean-Baptiste reveals the difficulties established auctions houses have in managing unsold lots. Then, he walks us through Auction After Sale’s platform and explains how a visitor can make an offer on an unsold lot.

Also, Jean-Baptiste shares how he approached auction houses regarding his business; talking about how they initially reacted to his proposal. Lastly, Jean-Baptiste tells us how much an artwork burned at auction impacts its value.

Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips – Rise Art

20 April 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we talk to Scott Phillips.

Scott Phillips is co-founder and CEO of Rise Art.  Rise Art is an online art gallery in which you can buy or rent contemporary art.

First, Scott explains why Rise Art has made renting art a significant component of their business model. Then, Scott argues why renting art actually isn’t a new concept in the art world, but is new at a lower price point. Also, Scott gives us a sense as to who is the kind of collector who is choosing to rent over immediately buying the artwork from Rise Art. Lastly, he discusses the importance of social media in today’s online art market.

Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich

Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich – The Clarion List

10 April 2016
In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich.

Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich are co-founders of The Clarion List.  The Clarion List is the leading online directory of art service providers with ratings and reviews.

First, Jessica and Gaia explain the concept behind their site and answer if it can be considered Yelp for the art world. Then, they discuss what experiences in their art world careers motivated them to launch this service. Also, they walk us through the features of the website.

They share how art service providers and galleries have reacted thus far to The Clarion List and reveal their strategy as to how they plan on growing their online community to increase the number of reviews left on the platform.

Stephen Tanenbaum

Stephen Tanenbaum – UGallery

28 March 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast we talk to Stephen Tanenbaum.

Stephen Tanenbaum is co-founder and CEO of UGallery.

UGallery is an art e-commerce platform that connects artists directly with collectors which launched in 2006, as one of the first art e-commerce websites.   Stephen first describes the online art market in 2006 and why he was compelled to be one of the first businesses to enter into it. Then, Stephen compares the online art market in 2006 to the online art market today. Also, he walks us through the experience of an artist getting his/her artwork on their platform and a collector buying art from the site. Additionally, Stephen talks with us about the types of both artists and collectors they are attracting to UGallery. Lastly, Stephen shares his thoughts on if the art market can handle this many online businesses or if a bubble has developed in this space.

Robert Norton

Robert Norton – Verisart

25 March 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Robert Norton, CEO of Verisart

Robert Norton tells us about his new startup that verifies art authenticity through blockchain technology. First, Robert briefly explains blockchain technology and how Verisart plans to utilize it within the art world. Then, Robert walks us through Verisart’s app and how artists, galleries and collectors can use it to confirm ownership and authenticity of an artwork. Also, he explains how Verisart fits into the recent proliferation of the art eCommerce sector. Lastly, Robert shares how people in the art world have reacted thus far regarding embracing the blockchain technology.