Art Fairs

Patrick van Maris

Patrick van Maris – TEFAF

4 March 2016
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Patrick van Maris, CEO of The European Fine Art Fair

The European Fine Art Fair is better known as TEFAF.  Patrick joins us to talk about their expansion into New York as well as their upcoming Maastricht fair from March 11th to March 20th.  First, Patrick shares with us more details about the fair’s upcoming launch in New York City.  He shares with us the motivation behind bringing TEFAF to America at this time.  Patrick gives an insight to listeners of the podcast on how TEFAF differentiates itself from the rest of the art fairs that occur in New York City. Also, he previews the Maastricht fair. In particular, he identifies a few of the notable works of art that will be at this year’s edition. Lastly, Patrick shares his thoughts on the state of the art market and why he believes we are in the midst of a market correction.


Marco Forgione – British Antique Dealers’ Association

28 February 2016
mIn this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Marco Forgione, CEO of the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA)

Marco Forgione joins us to preview the BADA Fair as well as discuss their new online auction platform. First, Marco shares with us the motivation for BADA to launch its own online auction website exclusively for its dealers.  Then, Marco elaborates on why the state of the antiques market has strengthened over the past few years. Also, he previews the diversity of objects that this year’s BADA Fair in London will feature. Lastly, Marco explains about how antiques and modern and contemporary art complement each other.

Kelly Crow

Kelly Crow – The Wall Street Journal

13 December 2015
In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Kelly Crow, joins us.

Kelly Crow is art market reporter for The Wall Street Journal. She joins us to share her insights and observations from Art Basel Miami Beach.  First, Kelly discusses the recent softening at the top end of the art market. This she notes to be in conjunction with the strengthening lower and middle price points of the market. Also, in light of the increasing popularity and volume of art fairs, Kelly explains how galleries are altering their approaches in terms of what type of art to bring to these fairs. Then, she highlights some of the prominent collectors in Miami, such as the Rubells, who annually open up their private museums to the art world during Art Basel Miami and to what extent these collectors’ influence have grown recently. Lastly, Kelly highlights a few of the exciting, younger artists who exhibited at the fairs in Miami.


Melanie Gerlis – The Art Newspaper

22 October 2015

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Melanie Gerlis, art market editor of The Art Newspaper and author of the book Art as an Investment? A Survey of Comparative Assets, joins us to recap last week’s Frieze Art Fair in London. First, Melanie identifies some of the noticeable trends at this year’s edition of the fair. Then, she discusses how the auctions during Frieze week influence the strength of sales at the fair. Also, Melanie reveals to what extent she believes the crossover effect is working at Frieze Masters and if she expects the fair to continue for the foreseeable future.


Kenny Schachter

14 October 2015

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, dealer, writer and curator Kenny Schachter, returns to the podcast to preview Frieze Week and the upcoming major London Contemporary auctions. First, Kenny shares with us what he is hearing in regard to the art that will be on display at Frieze art fair as well as how strong the market is heading into this busy week for the contemporary art world. Also, he gives us his impressions on the overall quality of art for sale at the auction houses this week and what the type of art for sale reveals about the current art market. Then, Kenny provides us with his predictions for how specific artworks by Christopher Wool, Rudolf Stingel and Ai Weiwei will fare on the auction block this week, in addition to discussing the interesting markets of Jonas Wood, Andre Butzer and Ella Kruglyanskaya.


Nazy Vassegh – Masterpiece London

15 July 2015

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Nazy Vassegh, CEO of Masterpiece London, the international fair for art, antiques and design, joins us to recap its 6th edition of the fair, which occurred last week. First, Nazy reveals the benefits for galleries and visitors of experiencing Masterpiece London, a unique fair that doesn’t have a single focus on what type of art style or movement. Then, she touches on some of the strongest areas of this year’s fair and shares some of the most notable sales. Also, Nazy discusses the increasing prevelance of cross-collecting at both the fair as well as in the broader market.


Charlotte Burns – The Art Newspaper

12 March 2015

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Charlotte Burns, US News, Market and Business Editor at The Art Newspaper, returns to the podcast to recap Armory Week in New York City. In the recent past, the Armory Show began to take a backseat to some of the other art fairs in the world, but it has since made a resurgence as Charlotte explains its “quiet rehabilitation”.  Then, Charlotte relays the type of art on view at the fair this year as well as what sold well. Also, she touches on the growing presence of Instagram within the art world and explains how different galleries and collectors are utilzing the platform. Finally, Charlotte tells us how confident the market remains despite some concern in the broader economy.


Neha Kirpal – India Art Fair

21 January 2015

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast we’re here with Neha Kirpal, founder and director of the India Art Fair, ahead of this year’s fair, occurring Jan 29th – Feb 1st. First, Neha previews this upcoming fair by telling us about the quality of art we can expect to see on display as well as the evolving Indian collector base who will be visiting and buying at the fair. Then, she discusses how the past art market downturn actually benefited the Indian art market as it weeded out highly speculative investors from the marketplace. Lastly, Neha talks about the developing art market infrastructure in India and identifies some areas that could be improved in order for living Indian artists to feel even more supported locally.


Melanie Gerlis – The Art Newspaper

23 October 2014

In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Melanie Gerlis, art market editor at The Art Newspaper, joins us to recap Frieze week in London. First, Melanie discusses the plethora of galleries at this year’s Frieze art fair who transformed their booths from the typical white wall spaces to unique settings to exhibit their artworks. Then, she touches on the art flipping phenomenon, specifically explaining the relationship between these buyers and galleries as well as how this dynamic has transformed as many emerging artists’ values continue to rise. Lastly, Melanie shares some of her takeaways from the major contemporary auctions that occurred during Frieze week.


Sandra Nedvetskaia – Cosmoscow

25 September 2014

In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, we speak with Sandra Nedvetskaia, director of Cosmscow, the leading contemporary Russian art fair. First, after its first edition of the fair in 2010, Sandra explains why the fair returned this year after a four year hiatus. While in US and Europe, the latest trend in mainstream art fairs is for several artworks to be sold to collectors even before the fairs commence, Sandra explains why collectors took their time at Cosmoscow before making purchases. Lastly, she touches on the motivation for including in the fair a unique section which exhibited artworks owned by prominent Russian collectors as well as how it influenced younger, emerging Russian collectors in attendance at the fair.